CFP – From the history of the media to the media as sources of history

For the new special issue of Officina della storia ( ), the magazine launches a Call for papers with the objective of investigating, according to an open and interdisciplinary perspective, the unique specificity of the media sources that pass through the Twentieth Century up to the most recent scenario of digital “re-mediation”.
Beyond the text, from the sound to the image, from the photography to the cinema, from the gramophone to the radio, from the television to the computer, from the network to the social network, the medium can also be protagonist of the historical narrative. But the material point is, that it must always be observed as a source to interpret for the research and as an agent of history itself, that uses specific “talking” forms, different from each other. Nowadays, in a social media context where the same tools and the same narrative environment – from Web 2.0 – questioning methods and practices of historical and historiographical research, it becomes crucial to face the problem and probe the issues.

More info here : cfp_storiamedia_english (Pdf)

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